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The PA Retirers' Association (PARA) is a great way to keep in contact with ex-PA colleagues and receive occasional updates on news about PA itself. About 500 PA pensioners and alumni enjoy being members of PARA.

PARA publishes a newsletter, PARAnews, about three times each year, which keeps members up-to-date with news items and social events, and includes articles on a wide range of subjects such as travel, pensions, medical insurance, and memories of PA.

One of our most important benefits is that we provide contact details between our members, and we also organise regional social events, usually lunch-time gatherings in pubs or restaurants.  Our Annual General Meetings are a very special opportunity to get together with ex-colleagues from far and wide.

Apart from the social and news side of PARA, our objectives are to keep in touch with PA, and the Pensions Trustees, and keep our members well informed.

Membership of the Association is open to everyone from any PA company who spent a significant time in PA, or the widowed spouse of someone who spent a significant time in PA.

For more information on PARA, visit our web site http://www.paretirers.org. To join PARA, contact Chris Buckley by email: teletraveller@btinternet.com or phone: +44 1883 650420.